The vibratory soil compaction probes developed by Ferro-Konstrukt enable the foundation of structures on soils of poor quality by improving the soil quality.
The soil quality improving is possible:
by the increasing of the soil density By this way the soil compaction probe reduces temporarily the internal soil friction and then forces the soil particles (usually with the aid of injection water or compressed air) to rearrange themselves to a closer formation and to increase the soil density.
or by the addition of the supplementary material which improves the soil granular line and decreases the soil porosity.
Both above mentioned methods were succesful applied with our machines (to the depth to 30 meters) on many building-sites (see references).
Hydraulic powered compactor consists of:
the the power pack,
the vibratory soil compactor probe (length is variable),
the hydraulic hoses (connecting the power pack and the compactor),
the high pressure water pump or the air compressor.

gravel pile
To be able to control the compaction process as the compaction quality we developed an electronic measuring device (short described further) too.
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