Ferro-Konstrukt is an Austrian company based near Vienna that develops, produces, distributes and sells materials for the construction industry. It was found in 1965 and for the last 37 years has been a family run business. Today our products can be used for a wide variety of projects in the building industry.
Our company has three branches:
  One for manufacturing vibratory pile drivers/extractors, vibratory soil compaction probes, pile crackers and measuring devices for specialized construction projects.
  One for selling and distributing sheet piles, I-beams, tubes and sectional steel.
  And one for driving and extracting of steel sheet piles, trench sheets, I-beams, tubes and also for the erection of vertical drains for water drainage of soils.
Renting fleet is available.
We deal with domestic as well as international clients, who are fully satisfied with our products and services. We have taken the liberty of including a reference list for your information.